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Is Your Electric Furnace Showing Signs of Wear?

Plan an electric furnace repair or installation in Virginia Beach, VA

If you're experiencing a total lack of heat or notice odd smells in your home, a damaged electric furnace may be to blame. Contact James D. Dodd Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for electric furnace repair services. We'll inspect your furnace, perform the necessary repairs and replace damaged parts. Before leaving, we'll test your furnace to make sure it runs well and is safe to use.

Call now to schedule your electric furnace repair in Virginia Beach, VA. Ask about your options for emergency services.

Invest in a brand-new furnace for your home

Whether your furnace is damaged beyond repair or you're upgrading to a new system, you can trust our team to complete your electric furnace installation. We'll handle your installation from start to finish, then run a series of tests to make sure your unit is fit for use.

Contact our team today to arrange your electric furnace installation in Virginia Beach, VA.